About us

“We produce music. We produce good music. We produce good music for YOU!”

Our company was founded in 2016 with the aim to create easily accessible, affordable, high-quality music for everyone, in all styles of music that exists and for all kinds of safe and legal use.

It was mainly the love of music that brought and keeps us together, and it is the desire to create that brings us forward and helps us to overcome the difficulties that sometimes arise. We consider ourselves as “mood officers”; thus, we are trying to lighten and improve everyone’s mood through our music. Let some music play in restaurants, at gas stations, in the background of websites, in wedding videos, on blogs, in presentations or just in the background of commercials.

A very long preparatory process, which took several years of hard work, was needed so that we can present our music to the public.

At the moment, we already own a few thousand compositions by 20 composers and in collaboration with dozens of musicians and singers. We are proud that all of us are Hungarians, but we create something that is easily stands the test of international markets.

Our music covers a wide range of styles and moods, so everyone can find something that suits their taste. Of course, we have always been trying to lay emphasis, and will continue to do so, on the production of high-quality music not on that of vast quantities.

We are aware that we produce background music “only”, but we only present those compositions to the public that we consider suitable for being used for private or commercial purposes by our partners.  We simply do not present those completed pieces of music that do not meet this criterion – however painful it is, we delete them from our repertoire.

But we have some good news, progress does not stop! Every month, we create and publish more and more new productions. It is not a secret wish of us to provide our audience with music in every genre with respect to both quality and quantity, here and worldwide.

One of our main missions is to ensure that everyone, including newbie YouTube creators, can legally use music for their movies without the risk of immediate deletion of their creations. Furthermore, it is our aim that everyone can gain full rights to use a piece of music by just one click. Nothing proves this better than the fact that we have created a package with a very “wallet-friendly” price. Currently, for the price of a movie ticket, everyone can access and use our music either on social media or elsewhere.

But we do not want to waste your time anymore: become more familiar with us through our music. Click here to have a sneak preview of some of our creations.