Stock Music

Are you tired of traditional stock music? Take it to the next level with the music offered by Pure Sound! Wide range of stock music and sound effects...

Audio Library

If the Audio Library is no longer enough ...

You are looking for the right background music for your video. You are browsing YouTube's ..

Music for Video

How to make a perfect video?

Use music! Music is the most effective way to evoke emotions. 

YouTube Video

What does YouTube do if you do not use copyright free music in your videos?

YouTube's algorithm constantly monitors uploaded videos...


Stand out from the crowd! Use our self-made non-proprietary music for your video clips! In 2020, those looking for non-proprietary...

How to choose music

What is the difference between Pure Sound Media (PSM) and other production music catalogues?

Music for YouTube videos

Do you create YouTube videos? Do you want to make your movie more colourful with matching music?