Music for YouTube videos


Do you create YouTube videos? Do you want to make your movie more colourful with matching music? 

Click on the section “Music Browser” of our website, find the best music for your YouTube videos, download it, edit it, and soon you can upload it to YouTube.

As a newbie creator, you can only find music that can be used legally for exorbitant prices? 

Our Subscription for Newbie Creators was made for you!

Why should you choose the Subscription for Newbie Creators?

  • It only costs 6.99 EUR per month.
  • For this price, you can download 30 songs for free
  • The subscription includes all royalties
  • You do not have to deal with the problem of usability of music downloaded from other websites. But surely you know the tricks of free sites. In our webshop, you just download and use it, and you can lean back.
  • We provide you with total money-back guarantee
  • It is easy to register, and it is easy to download songs
  • You can cancel your subscription any time
  • In addition to YouTube, you can use our music on all social networking sites, including Instagram and Facebook
  • The subscription includes all costs, you do not have to expect additional costs
  • Since we have a lot of music, you will not hear the music you chose and use under other people’s videos

Get started, because you have nothing to lose. By using our music, you do not take any risks. Choose the music for your YouTube video on our website!