How to choose music


What is the difference between Pure Sound Media (PSM) and other production music catalogues?

It is important to know that most production music libraries only have the right to “show/present” a catalogue or composition for a certain amount of time. This also means that the quality is often difficult to predict. PSM has been meticulously monitoring its catalogue as well as purchasing and paying for each composition and all associated rights since its establishment in 2016. Its aim is to ensure that every composition that serves as basis for its offer has a good quality, is legal, and that its pool becomes the largest production music catalogue with the best quality in the world.

Usually, production music libraries that are available can only offer synchronization and mechanical rights for a one-time fee. This is all what these catalogues mean by “royalty free” music! Users only pay for being allowed to use the selected song in a production, and their rights end here. They cannot present the production as their own, they cannot resell it, and cannot make a profit from it, because the categorization as “royalty free” does not include the permission and right for public disclosure. It is also not possible, since these websites do not actually own the rights for the compositions displayed, they do not own any pieces of music; thus, they cannot delegate any rights with respect to those. 

So, the legal status of these songs is, for example, not appropriate for publication and broadcasting in a corporate environment. This means that despite paying a fee, users still must pay for the music to copyright societies in order to be able to publish the production. Moreover, they must pay in all countries where the production will ever be used. By contrast, PSM as the sole holder of each right with respect to its music can even provide its users with a licence that includes all three kinds of right: the right for copying, performing, and publication. So, anybody demanding royalties from the holder of the license or their business partners for using the music is out of the question. That means that the one-time, monthly or annual fees cover everything!

Promotional libraries prefer to use the term “royalty free" in their marketing campaigns with the aim of selling their products. Unfortunately, user often do not take this into account, so they purchase compositions from these kind of catalogues in the belief that they have complied their obligations with respect to royalties and they can use the compositions without limitations. Sadly, this is a mistake! There are only two music libraries in the world that own all rights for their compositions and can, therefore, offer the possibility of full use and real exemption from royalties. One of those libraries is the catalogue by PSM! 

A good example for this is the case of “royalty free” compositions that can be purchased in the USA. We would like to draw everyone's attention to the fact that music that can be purchased and used in the US does not include the right for publication; thus, it cannot be used automatically everywhere in the world. In Europe, Asia, Africa, and in Australia certainly not! More specifically, this means that if you buy something from a “royalty free catalogue” in the US, copyright societies may require additional fees from you or your partners using your work outside the US.

What does “production music” mean?

Users can obtain full right to use production music created by PSM in movies, on TV, on the radio, on the Internet and in other media. All our songs were written for us by the composers employed by us specifically so that they can also be used for audio-visual productions.

So, what does the term “royalty free music” really mean?

The term “royalty free music” is an old one, but lately, it has been used to refer to the fact that there are no mechanical/synchronization costs concerning a piece of music. 

The definition by PSM goes beyond this. With the subscriptions provided by us, the songs are not only free from mechanical and synchronization rights, but also free from any other costs in case of public performances. In addition, all compositions by PSM have a legally and financially clear status all over the world. In other words, you can use the music freely, wherever you are. You do not have to expect additional costs and legal clarifications. We call this “rights included”, i.e. including all rights.

What about collective copyright organizations?

PSM and the composers employed by it are not members of any copyright organizations. This means that none of these companies can collect charges from you on the grounds of using our music, as opposed to the music provided by other libraries.