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What does YouTube do if you do not use copyright free music in your videos?

YouTube's algorithm constantly monitors uploaded videos. If you use some copyrighted music or sound in your video without permission, the system will detect it and send a notification to the owners of the rights.

The copyright owners will then have a copyright claim against your video: they can ban the monetization of your video (i.e. you will not be able to benefit from view revenue), or in the worst case scenario, they may block your video and even suspend your channel.

We do not have to go into detail about what it might feels like if your video, created with a lot of work, is deleted from YouTube from one moment to the next because of such a claim. You can start over editing the entire material from scratch, which is not only annoying but also time consuming.

In order to avoid the above mentioned problem, always use copyright-free music! For such songs, the YouTube algorithm will not send a signal to anyone, as your music comes from a legitimate, trusted source.

Pure Sound’s music database Music Browser only contains such copyright-free music so as to keep your videos safe on YouTube. You do not have to worry about music anymore, and you will never wake up to the fact that your content created by hard work has been blocked.