Music for Video


How to make a perfect video?

Use music! Music is the most effective way to evoke emotions. When you combine melodies with images, you produce an effect that grabs the viewer’s interest from the first seconds. Here are some tips to consider when selecting music for your video:

Choose the right music for the mood!

If you are creating your video from slow-moving scenes, it is worth looking for slower-paced music. If you want to create your video from more dynamic images and clips, you might want to look for faster-paced, more dynamic sounds. These sound effects help to better convey the message of the final material.

Always edit to the music!

If your video has background music, the editing should always follow the rhythm of the track. Before you start editing your material more seriously, choose the music that best suits the concept, and based on that, you can easily edit the raw material to the beats.

Pay attention to non infringement of rights!

Although music is easily available on the World Wide Web nowadays, most of it is copyrighted, so if you make a wrong choice, you can even expect serious legal consequences. Always choose music from a place where copyright-free pieces of music are guaranteed. In Pure Sound's music library, in our Music Browser.