Stand out from the crowd! Use our self-made non-proprietary music for your video clips!

In 2020, those looking for non-proprietary music are in an increasingly difficult position. Whether they are looking for stock music for YouTube or other commercial uses, it presents an increasing challenge to find legal, high-quality music that is also unique and affordable. We at Pure Sound Media have therefore decided to respond to the challenge that content producers are facing by providing Our offers high-quality, non-proprietary music that is not available anywhere else.

We really provide Safe Music.

When an artist creates original recorded music, he or she automatically becomes the owner of the copyright on the work. As the copyright owner, he/she has the exclusive rights to using the work. In most cases, only the copyright owner can grant others the right to use the music.

What is the most common problem with this?

Most online music collections marked as “royalty-free music” can only offer synchronization and mechanical rights for a one-time fee. This means that music acquired from such a site can only be used as selected song in a production or a video clip, but you cannot monetize or publish it, for example. To do these, you have to get the permission of the copyright owner.

Unlike most online music catalogues, Pure Sound Media, as the sole holder of all existing rights to your music, may even grant you a license that includes all three rights: the right to copying, performing, and publication. So, anybody demanding royalties from the holder of the license or their business partners for using the music is out of the question. That is to say, the one-time, monthly, or annual fee covers everything! At the end of the day, you will get real copyright and royalty free music for your money!

Quality at an affordable price

Since its establishment in 2016, Pure Sound Media has been meticulously monitoring its catalogue Music Browser as well as purchasing and paying for each composition and all associated rights. Its aim is to ensure that every composition that serves as basis for its offer has a good quality, is legal, and that its pool becomes the largest production music catalogue with the best quality for the best price in the world.