It's True: Everything at Half Price


Which is why you can choose from a variety of solutions at our site. You can take out a monthly subscription or purchase individual rights of use for specific songs. However, we realized that this is not enough. Hence, we made an important decision! Until the end of the year, we are selling our music to everyone at a 50% discount, i.e. at half price! Thus, our most favourable package is now available for 6.99 EUR! Yes, it is true: you can use 30 songs for just 6.99 EUR; thus, in the best case, you only pay 66 forints for using one piece of music.

If you are still unsure, we help you a bit. This price also includes a full money-back guarantee! What does that mean? If you are not satisfied with your subscription or purchase for some reason, the amount paid will be refunded to you immediately without any questions. No other action is required, you just must declare your intent to us. So, nothing prevents you from sampling and using our music without the slightest risk.

There is one more very important piece of information! Our prices include everything, i.e. also the royalties! Besides the fee that you pay to us you do not have to expect any other cost. Our prices are all-inclusive!

Do you like our offer? Take a look at our prices, register, and use our music for free!