Copyright free music for free? - It is possible with Pure Sound!


Want secure, copyright free music for your videos? Need quality background music for an event or other projects? 

At Pure Sound, we work to provide you with the best, copyright free stock music. 

We are introducing an option that gives you free access to our music in our audio library.

Yes, you heard it right: you can get quality stock music from us for 1 month for free. This ensures that there will be no boundaries for content creators like you when it comes to creating creative projects.

How does it work?

Register on our website and choose whether you want a newbie or professional license. The 1 euro debited when you purchase your license will be automatically refunded to you immediately, and from then on you will be able to use the copyright free stock music in our audio library for 1 month for free!

After a month, you decide whether you want to continue to have safe, quality music for an attractive monthly fee. If you do not, you can simply revoke your license. It is that simple!

Whether it is the background music of your restaurant or pub, or the theme song of your latest YouTube video, we are sure that you find the right songs here. Currently, we already own a few thousand compositions by 20 composers and work in collaboration with dozens of musicians and singers. 

Look no further, register, select your license, and discover our audio library of thousands of copyright free music!