Subscription for Newbie Creators

What does the subscription include?

New pieces of music every week

We create, produce, and publish our music continuously in our music catalogue. As a new subscriber, you have access to the new pieces of music, which you can download immediately.

Money-back guarantee

If you change your mind and contact us, you will immediately receive a full refund. We do not ask unnecessary questions, and you do not need to fill out lengthy, pointless questionnaires. There is no assessment, we do not play for time. We simply accept that you expected something different and that’s that. As soon as possible, we pay your money back; thus, you do not take any risks by subscribing. 

Possibility of immediate cancellation

Is the first month over? You do not want to use our music anymore? No problem. You can cancel your subscription by just one click. With us, discounted price does not mean that you must make a commitment for a specific period. If you do not want to use our service anymore, you can cancel without any consequences and limitations. 

All costs are included in the subscription

It is important to make it clear that your subscription includes all costs. You do not need to expect additional costs. You do not have to pay extra royalties to third parties, since we only sell music that we hold all the possible rights for. For these reasons, you do not have to pay royalties to either CISAC or the Artisjus, or any other copyright society. You really must know this; hence, the more we state it the better: we guarantee that your subscription includes all fees! If anyone would still request money from you for using our music, please contact us and we will tackle the issue!

Use of limitless amount of songs each month

Each month, your subscription enables you to use each of our songs. We won't limit your creativity and imagination, unlike other stock music sites.

Can be used on all social networking sites

If you want to use our music on social networking sites other than Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, send an email to, and we will send you a suitable licensing agreement. 

Can be used on 1 social media channel

With this package, you can use your subscription for one channel per social networking site. That means you must pay as many subscriptions as many channels you have on YouTube.

In our special offer, this subscription, which originally retails for 6.99 EUR, but the first month is free, so you won’t take any risk! 

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